Approach for artists and crew

The Centralstation is situated in the centre of Darmstadt, in a pedestrian precinct. Therefore an official authorization is needed. It is valid for big vehicles only, cars have to park in the parking garage, just below the Centralstation!
Take the exit „Darmstadt-Innenstadt“ off the Autobahn A5 (Frankfurt-Basel) and go all the way straight to the center of Darmstadt on „Rheinstrasse“. This street will take you directly into a tunnel.
Without official authorization:
Right at the entrance of this tunnel you will get into a parking garage named „Carree“. Cars should park in the zone „Carree“ next to the exit „Marktgalerie“, there, an elevator will take you directly up to the Centralstation.
With official authorization:
Tour buses do not enter the parking garage but follow the tunnel to the right. After 100 meters leave the tunnel to your left (Hügelstrasse). Shortly after leaving the tunnel you have to make a left into the first small street called Schützenstrasse. It brings you to a square with a fountain called „Ludwigsplatz“ (pedestrian precinct) where you turn left (Elisabethenstrasse) and then right into the „Luisenstrasse“. After 100 meters you will see a yellow sign „Carree“ on the right hand side above an entrance that brings you to an inner court. The first building on the right hand side is the Centralstation. You can park right next to the building, after contacting us.


Directions to the Centralstation via geo-coordinates

1. Einfahrt in City-Tunnel (Rheinstraße)LAT: 49.87253511080727
LON: 8.649094104766846
2. Einfahrt in Schützenstraße (nach City-Tunnel)LAT: 49.86970262245777
LON: 8.654592633247375
3. Einfahrt in Luisenstraße (Fußgängerzone)LAT: 49.87042178079369
LON: 8.652446866035461
4. Einfahrt ins City-Carree (Fußgängerzone)LAT: 49.87220018225799
LON: 8.65186482667923
5. Parkposition (an der Centralstation)LAT: 49.8719484441097
LON: 8.652340918779373
LAT steht fĂźr Latitude (Breite),
LON steht fßr Longitude (Länge).
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